like a drum
my heart never stops beating for you

This is war

whenever i watch les mis i spend most of my time pinpointing george blagden in every scene with les amis tbqh


i know we all love workaholic!enjolras who stays up all hours of the night typing franticly on his laptop but imagine for a moment enjolras who always tries to stay up late working but invariably falls asleep over his keyboard at 10:00 pm every night

There are days when I can hardly make it out of bed. I find it an effort to speak. I feel I am without worth, that nothing I can do is of any value, least of all to myself.
Margaret Atwood, from Cat’s Eye (via violentwavesofemotion)


"haha what a riot" i say, my smile twitches nervously and i’m sweating, looking out of the window. the people are coming for me. i’m louis xvi


: Newest trend: Floorskank

Fear makes companions of us all.


Kuroshio Sea - Second Largest Aquarium Tank in the World (x)

3 weeks into university and im more stressed than i was throughout the entirety of high school